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Undergraduate Course

Course 1: Data Structure (undergraduate)

        Data structure is one of fundmental courses of undergraduate program in computer science. 


Quick review Quick reviews.pptx

Chap 0 Overview DS-Chap0.pptx

Chap 1 Introduction DS-Chap1.pptx

Chap 2 Linear List DS-Chap2.pptx

Chap 3 Stack and Queue DS-Chap3.pptx

Chap5 Sparse Matrix and General List Chap5.pptx

Chap 6 Tree and Binary Tree Chap6.pptx

Chap 7 Graph Chap7.pptx

Chap 8 Search Chap8.pptx

Chap 9 Internal SortingChap9.pptx

TotalReview TotalReview.pptx

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