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Action Detection and Recognition

Action Detection and Recognition

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Children's social behavior understanding based on light field imaging [Finished]

PI: Xue Wang | Code: 61801396 | Support: NSFC | Start/End: 2019-01-01/2021-12-31

Dilated Transformer with Feature Aggregation Module for Action Segmentation
Zexing Du, Qing Wang
Neural Processing Letters (NPL), 55: 6181-6197, 2023 (2022.12.21 online)
Paper | Code | BibTeX | Github

Self-Supervised Global Spatio-Temporal Interaction Pre-Training for Group Activity Recognition
Zexing Du, Xue Wang, Qing Wang
IEEE TCSVT, 33(9): 5076-5088, 2023, (2023.02.27 online)
Paper | Code | BibTeX | Github

Fast and Unsupervised Action Boundary Detection for Action Segmentation
Zexing Du, Xue Wang, Guoqing Zhou, Qing Wang
CVPR 2022, New Orleans, LA, USA, pp. 3313-3322, 2022.06
Paper | Code | BibTeX | Github

Motion-Based Temporal Alignment of Independently Moving Cameras
Xue Wang, Jianbo Shi, Hyun Soo Park, Qing Wang
IEEE TCSVT, 27(11):2344-2354, 2017 (2016.06.15 online)
Paper | Code | BibTeX | Github

An Image Classification Approach Based on Sparse Coding and Multiple Kernel Learning
Xiaozhen Qi, Qing Wang
Paper | Code | BibTeX | Github

Spatio-Temporal Clustering Model for Multi- Object Tracking through Occlusions
Lei Zhang, Qing Wang
ACCV 2012, Daejeon, Korea, pp.29-42, 2012.11
Paper | Code | BibTeX | Github

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